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Welcome to Paris Ruedathon website

Come and join us for a day throughout the most beautiful spots of Paris to dance RUEDA DE CASINO with friends and other casineros all fired up!

RUEDATHON is coming back to PARIS on May 26th 2019

The original concept comes from NEW YORK.

Casineros from NYC follow along a day (10 am – 10 pm), a route across the five districts of New York (Manhattan – Staten Island – Brooklyn – Bronx – Queens) and make some stops at strategic points to launch an insane rueda.

Paris Ruedathon took back this concept, a nice and beautiful route to dance rueda de casino by going out on the most famous places and monuments of Paris.

Dancing rueda de casino is an excellent opportunity to put one's ego aside, contribute to the good mood of the group and have fun altogether.

All ingredients put together for an amazing day :

  • Sun

  • Dance

  • Walk through greatest monuments of Paris

  • Crazy dancers

  • FUN !


Still hesitating, watch Paris ruedathon 2017 video (April 30th) :

click on picture below to watch video

We are waiting for you to join us is this PARIS RUEDATHON  5th run!

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